Ahuvya Sandak's parents protesting his death
Ahuvya Sandak's parents protesting his deathצילום: ללא

The Jerusalem district prosecutor Daniel Witman has announced that the four teens who were injured in the accident that killed Ahuvya Sandak and were in the car during the police chase, will be indicted.

The indictment will be served to the Jerusalem district court on Monday after the claims made by the attorneys during the hearing were rejected.

The teens will be charged with acts of terror of purposeful sabotage, throwing stones at a vehicle, and purposeful sabotage of a car out of a racist motive. One teen is expected to be charged with driving without a license.

A few months ago the attorney general closed the cases against the officers who were involved in ramming the teens' car, which caused the death of Sandak and the injury of the others.

Attorneys Adi Kedar and Moshe Polski from the Honenu organization who are representing the teens stated: "This indictment will turn into an indictment against the police, the police internal investigations unit, and the prosecution which covered up the killing of a young boy. Unfortunately, Ahuvya's voice and blood which scream from the ground haven't helped.

We believe that our strong claims were not accepted because of the public need to choose between the police officers who caused Ahuvya's death and the suspects. We have many more claims that we hope will tip the scales in favor of the suspects and will bring a just and correct decision once they are heard."