Emilie Moatti
Emilie MoattiOren Ben Hakoon/Flash90

The failure of the left in the elections: Former Meretz chairman Yossi Beilin spoke on Saturday night following the collapse of Meretz and the Labor Party winning just four seats in this week’s elections.

"I'm sure that [Labor chairwoman] Merav Michaeli will resign," Beilin stated in an interview on Channel 12 News. "The loss was mainly technical. The question is what we do so that it doesn't happen again - we need a compromise between Meretz and Labor."

Beilin also emphasized the need for a diplomatic solution to the Israel-Palestinian Arab conflict, even though the bloc is weakening and Meretz will no longer be represented in the upcoming Knesset: "The most important thing in the world to me is to ensure my country is Jewish and democratic. If we don't separate from the Palestinians, it won't happen."

MK Emilie Moatti from the Labor Party, who will not be in the next Knesset, admitted, "It was a very big mistake of Merav Michaeli not to unite with Meretz and not to take Lapid's offer." At the same time, Moatti said she is not calling for Michaeli to resign and condemned the past custom of Labor members to work to topple the party leader whenever the party was not successful in an election.

"I think it is also a mistake to view Merav as the only one to blame in this story - we are all guilty and we are all responsible. I received a mandate from the public - I could have turned the tables and spoke out louder, I could have threatened and I didn't do it. Maybe I should have done it. I felt a little uncomfortable to be a lone voice in this story and I truly regret that," Moatti added. "The public that elected me deserves to know that I am very tormented."

"I promise you that Michaeli really believed in what she did, believed that Meretz would pass. She did the best she could and I'm sure she's not sitting smug and satisfied with herself, but I think she's also tormented - maybe she has another way of doing it."

Moatti also called for unification in the center-left bloc: "There should be two blocs, like in the United States. If the leadership shows courage and holds primaries, it will be possible to do so, like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders being in the same party."