Brussels, Belgium
Brussels, BelgiumiStock

The Coordinating Committee of Belgian Jewish Organizations (CCOJB) denounced a pro-Palestinian demonstration held in Brussels on October 29.

The demonstration was organized by groups linked to Hamas, the PFLP and other organizations designated as terrorist entities by the European Union, the CCOJB said in a statement.

The CCOJB condemned “the parade of activists in military uniforms in the heart of the capital and the European institutions often with their faces masked shouting slogans calling for hatred against ‘the Zionists’ and for armed struggle, in particular with a view to the annihilation of the State of Israel.”

“It recalls that in our democracy whose Senate is a signatory to the working definition of antisemitism of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), one example of which is the denial of the right to self-determination of the Jews, there is no place for such hateful statements stirring up antisemitism and aiming at the eradication of the State of Israel,” the organization said.

The CCOJB noted that despite warnings it sent to authorities about the extremist groups organizing the demonstration, the groups nonetheless continued to have authorization for their protest.

They added that they “will pursue contacts with the political authorities in order to draw all the useful lessons to avoid the repetition of such abuses which fuel antisemitism and put the Jewish community in danger.”