SpaceX launched its Falcon Heavy rocket amid a thick fog in Florida on Tuesday morning carrying a top secret American national security payload.

The Falcon Heavy rocket is the world’s most powerful rocket, which used of over 5 million pounds of thirst to launch at 9:41 a.m. from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center.

The launch caused massive double sonic booms, which could be heard around Central Florida.

The rocket was carrying in its nose cone the US Space Force USSF-44 spacecraft, according to FOX News.

A thick fog which surrounded the Kennedy Space Center put the launch in jeopardy but the rocket nonetheless was able to successfully takeoff Tuesday morning.

The Falcon Heavy rocket mission was the first in three years. It was also the first national security mission for the SpaceX rocket.

Residents of Central Florida were warned by the Space Force’s Launch Delta 45 that they might feel the huge sonic booms when the rocket launched.

“Please be advised, tomorrow morning's launch will be followed by a double sonic boom,” Space Launch Delta 45 tweeted. “This will occur shortly after launch, as the boosters land on landing zone 1 and landing zone 2 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.”

Space Force described the USSF-44 as containing several payloads that will test space technology for future missions.