Nancy Pelosi and Paul Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi and Paul PelosiReuters/Lionel Hahn/ABACAPRESS.COM

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi was “violently assaulted” Friday morning by a man wielding a hammer who broke into their San Francisco home, tied him up, and demanded to see the Speaker.

"Early this morning, an assailant broke into the Pelosi residence in San Francisco and violently assaulted Mr. Pelosi," Nancy Pelosi spokesperson Drew Hammill said. "The assailant is in custody and the motivation for the attack is under investigation.

Hammill added: “Mr. Pelosi was taken to the hospital, where he is receiving excellent medical care and is expected to make a full recovery.”

The spokesperson said that "the Speaker and her family are grateful to the first responders and medical professionals involved, and request privacy at this time."

According to the statement, Nancy Pelosi was not at the home when the break-in occurred.

The statement did not give any details about any injuries that Paul Pelosi, 82, received during the attack, or how the invader was able to break into the house.

Nancy Pelosi was last seen in Washington DC on Thursday evening, FOX News reported.