Mor and his brother leaving the courthouse
Mor and his brother leaving the courthouseHonenu

Supreme Court Judge David Mintz today (Thursday) ordered the release from custody of the terrorist Rani Piran who is accused of participating in a series of altercatons and riots in the city of Acre during Operation Guardian of the Walls, the most prominent of which is participation in the attempted lynching of Mor Janshvili and the setting fire to the Ori Bori restaurant in the city.

Judge Mintz rejected the appeal of the prosecutor's office, which demanded that Piran be kept in custody until the end of the proceedings and ordered the release of the terrorist to house arrest while wearing a locator device.

Attorney Haim Bleicher from the Honenu legal aid organization commented: "Without any plausible reasoning, extremely dangerous terrorists are released from custody. Judge Mintz states that there is indeed an appeal but does not do what is assigned to him - to arrest the terrorist. A terrorist who set a restaurant on fire with its occupants, attacked police officers with stones and fireworks, and in the end participated in a brutal lynch attempt, day after day, is a dangerous and murderous terrorist. How can the judges take credit for releasing these terrorists into the streets? An electronic locator cannot prevent the terrorist from repeating his actions."

Mor Janshvili, the victim of the lynch attempt, said after the decision: "I have lost faith in the judicial system. The courts today sentenced me to live in fear and anxiety that some of the terrorists who took part in my lynching have not yet been caught and the court itself decided to release terrorists without explanations. There is no law and order. The judge writes in his decision, 'I will not dismiss the petitioner's appeal against the respondent, the presumption of dangerousness exists.' After such a statement, how do you release the terrorist? The judges do not see reality and do not understand that these incidents were carried out by terrorists and not criminals. The same terrorist carried out 4 terrorist attacks in Acre in two nights. I feel abandoned when I hear that the judges in their decisions are going against the state and have given the green light to further riots."

The indictment charges Piran with a host of crimes, including a terrorist act of aggravated assault, a terrorist act of aggravated assault, arson, obstructing a police officer under aggravated circumstances, rioting, and more, due to his participation in a number of events during Operation Guardian of the Walls in the city of Acre, which included throwing stones, shooting fireworks, arson, and serious injuries.