Jews in Brooklyn
Jews in BrooklynFlash 90

Three Jewish students who were outside their yeshiva in the Midwood section of Brooklyn on Monday evening were assaulted and pelted with eggs by a gang of five antisemitic teenage boys shouting “Free Palestine.”

The assailants also forced the yeshiva students to repeat the phrase, the Flatbush News & Updates twitter account reported.

One of the assailants punched one of the Jewish boys in the face, according to Collive.

The attack was denounced by New York City Council member Ari Kagan who described it as a hate crime.

“Terrible and unacceptable. Clearly this is a hate crime committed by antisemites,” Kagan tweeted.

The incident was the third antisemitic attack in Brooklyn in less than a week.

"Aside from the obvious questions (like, how does pummeling someone with eggs in Brooklyn 'free' anything), this hate crime is just one more in the continuous rolling pogrom that identifies New York City,” New York City Council member Kalman Yeger tweeted.

“While I appreciate that the NYPD Hate Crime Task Force and the NYPD 70th Precinct are taking this seriously, the environment in which this incident happens is one where criminals know there are no consequences for crime in New York. Particularly hate crimes, and particularly against Jews,” he added.

The attack took place only five blocks from the spot where antisemites physically attacked a group of Jews five months ago.