Winter rains (illustrative)
Winter rains (illustrative)iStock

Winter has officially arrived in Israel: Following rainfall in most areas of the country on Thursday, the rains returned Sunday, and forecasters do not expect the sunny weather to return any time soon.

Monday's weather will be partly cloudy, and there may be intermittent local rainfall, especially along the coastline. Temperatures will drop to slightly lower than seasonal average. Beginning in the afternoon hours, the wind will pick up and there may be local showers, especially in the mountains. According to the Israel Meteorological Service, there is a slight chance of flooding in the Judean Desert and Dead Sea areas.

Monday night will be partly cloudy, and along the coastline there may still be local rainfall, mostly light.

Tuesday will see a significant rise in temperatures. During the morning hours, harsh eastern winds will blow in the mountains. During the afternoon hours, harsh northern winds will blow along the coastline. Beginning in the afternoon hours, there may be local rainfall, especially in eastern Israel, along with isolated thunderstorms. There is also a slight chance that the eastern streams will flood.

Wednesday will see local rainfall and thunderstorms throughout most areas of the country, and eastern and southern streams may flood. During the morning hours, strong eastern winds will blow in the mountains. Temperatures will drop slightly.

Thursday morning may see light local rainfall, especially in the north and center of the country, and temperatures are expected to drop.