Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet ShakedHaim Toito

Jewish Home chairwoman Minister Ayelet Shaked spoke Sunday at the Besheva and Israel National News-Arutz Sheva economic conference at the Vert Hotel in Jerusalem.

Shaked claimed that if the right-wing bloc stopped attacking her and sought to help her instead, her party would have a much better chance of passing the electoral threshold.

"The Jewish Home is a very important voice for a very large religious Zionist community and for the right in general. There is a public that does not identify with the religious extremism pushed by other parties and it is not ready to vote for Netanyahu. This is a community of right-wing values that definitely sees the Jewish Home as its home. We have an amazing list of very serious people, including the mayor of Givat Shmuel and a very good list. I think that if the right-wing bloc had been harnessed to help a little - we would pass the electoral threshold in a big way," Shaked said." said Shaked.

"I do what I believe in. I believe that there is a large community whose home is the Jewish Home. It is the voice of moderate mainstream religious Zionism that must not be lost. This is what will happen if we are not in the Knesset," she added.

In her opinion, Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu is the one who needs to change his approach. "When I took over the leadership of the party, we brought it back to the right-wing bloc. I think Netanyahu needs to calculate a new course and understand that the Jewish Home is the solution and not the problem. With one clear statement from him, we will succeed in a big way - together with the entire right-wing bloc."