Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne, AustraliaiStock

Campaign posters for the deputy leader of the Australian Liberal Party David Southwick were targeted this week with swastikas.

The vandalized posters were located in Melbourne suburb Balaclava. Posters for Southwick displayed by local businesses were also defaced with swastikas.

“Hate has no place in our society and this ignorant act has not intimidated me. Instead, it’s only proven why my years-long fight against this vile symbol is so important,” Southwick said in a Facebook post.

“I fought hard to spearhead laws to ban the Nazi swastika in Victoria as a critical step, against not just antisemitism, but all forms of intolerance,” he said. “The passing of these laws with bipartisan support is one of my proudest achievements during my time representing our outstanding local community.”

Southwick slammed the state government for a months-long delay in finalizing the swastika ban, predicting it will allow the vandals to “likely get off scot-free.”

“It’s yet another reminder of why we need swift, decisive action against hatred and why these laws should be in force today,” Southwick said.

President of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) Daniel Aghion condemned the incident.

He told the Australian Jewish News: “All candidates must be extended the right to campaign in a safe environment without fear of hate or vilification.”

In August, two men were convicted for attaching multiple swastika stickers to Southwick’s office in response to his outspoken support of the swastika ban.

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