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The World Jewish Congress (WJC) on Friday called out the UN’s “Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory” following its latest anti-Israel report.

“Based on the outrageous and antisemitic comments made by some of the members of the Commission of Inquiry over the summer, WJC had little hope that their first report to the UN General Assembly would be a balanced one and one that would contribute to bringing Israelis and Palestinians closer together. Unfortunately, we were not wrong,” WJC said in a statement.

“The report by the Commission fails to mention at least once the terrorist organization Hamas, which is controlling the Gaza Strip and consistently puts Israeli and Palestinian lives in danger by indiscriminate attacks and threatening the security of the whole region. As we have seen many times with reports coming out of the Human Rights Council, it is inflammatory, politicized and one-sided, and fails to reflect the complexity of the situation on the ground or provide any constructive way forward,” it added.

“This Commission does not just do a disservice to Israel and the Jewish people. The report is an affront to history and truth. Further, it seriously undermines the values of universality, impartiality and objectivity that the Human Rights Council needs to abide by and puts into question the reputation of the United Nations as an honest broker in the conflict,” concluded the WJC statement.

The Commission of Inquiry, which is headed by former UN human rights official Navi Pillay, calls on the UN Security Council in the report released Thursday to put an end to the "permanent occupation" of Palestinian Arab territories by Israel and asks the various UN member states to prosecute Israeli leaders.

The 28-page report, which will be presented to the UN General Assembly on October 27, accuses Israel of “violating international law by making permanent its control over the West Bank” and “annexing Palestinian-claimed lands of Jerusalem and the West Bank, as well as Syrian land in the Golan Heights."

The Commission of Inquiry’s previous report, released in June, accused Israel of “war crimes” during Operation Guardian of the Walls in May of 2021.

The report was condemned by Israel as well as by the US State Department.

Pillay, who was named as the head of the Commission of Inquiry in July of 2021, has a history of anti-Israel statements.

In 2014, she condemned Israel for "targeting" UN-run schools and hospitals in Gaza, while failing to mention three UN-run schools in Gaza had been used as rocket warehouses, a gross violation of international law that clearly falls within the category of war crimes.

Weeks before that, Pillay opened an emergency UN debate on Gaza by saying there is a "strong possibility" that Israel is violating law in Gaza, and that could amount to war crimes.

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