Firebomb (illustrative)
Firebomb (illustrative)Flash 90

Arabs from Kafr Burqa on Thursday night infiltrated the Binyamin Region town of Oz Zion, hurling four firebombs at homes in the town in an attempt to spark a fire.

As a result of the firebomb attack, a fire ignited in the town and began to spread, but within a few minutes it was extinguished thanks to the wintry weather and the falling rain.

Residents who noticed the smell of fire went to investigate and discovered three firebombs, some of which had not ignited, as well as a fourth which had contained diesel fuel, which the Arabs had poured in order to increase the flames.

This is not the first time Arabs have hurled firebombs at Oz Zion. Last year, Arab terrorists infiltrated the town and hurled six firebombs into the window of a home. One of the firebombs hit the leg of a young boy who was sleeping in his bed, and others ignited around the home. Only quick action on the part of local residents who rushed to extinguish the flames prevented a greater disaster.

Following that terror attack, the IDF arrested three terrorists from Kafr Burqa, on suspicion that they had thrown the firebombs. Their arrest was extended until the completion of legal proceedings against them, and an indictment was filed against them for attempted murder.

Residents of Oz Zion have said that every year, the olive harvest serves as a cover for violent terror activity.

"This is their usual modus operandi," they said Friday morning. "Every year the Arabs carry out, under the cover of the olive harvest which takes place near the hill, a list of assaults, terror attacks, and provocations against the Jewish residents and the IDF forces."