Google's headquarters in Silicon Valley
Google's headquarters in Silicon ValleyiStock

Google has opened its new Cloud region in Israel, the company announced on Wednesday. The Google Cloud region in Tel Aviv (me-west1), joins the company's network of cloud regions around the world, which aims to provide high-performance, low-latency services to customers of all sizes and across industries. According to the company, now that the Israel cloud region is part of the Google Cloud network, it will help local organizations connect with users and customers around the globe, and help fuel innovation and digital transformation across every sector of the economy.

"Israel is known as the startup nation, and has long been a hub of technology innovation for startups and Google alike. We’re excited to extend that innovation-first approach to other industries, accelerating digital transformation to help create new jobs and digital experiences that better serve users in Israel," Google Cloud regional manager Boaz Maoz wrote in a press release.

According to recent research commissioned by Google, AlphaBeta Economics (part of Access Partnership) estimates that by 2030, the Google Cloud region in Tel Aviv will contribute a cumulative USD 7.6 billion to Israel’s GDP, and support the creation of 21,200 jobs in that year alone.

Last year, Google Cloud was selected by the Israeli government to provide cloud services to government ministries. This partnership can enable the government, and private companies operating in regulated industries, to simplify how users are served, create a uniform approach to digital security, and support compliance and residency requirements.

Over several years, Google has grown its local presence in both Tel Aviv and Haifa to support the growing number of customers. "From technology, retail, and media, and entertainment, to financial services and the public sector, leading organizations come to Google Cloud as their trusted innovation partner," states Maoz.