Attorney Adi Keidar at Homesh
Attorney Adi Keidar at HomeshPhoto: Elazar Rigler

Attorney Adi Keider from the Honenu organization, who supported the deportation detainees from Gush Katif and northern Samaria, was a guest today (Wednesday) at the Israel National News-Arutz Sheva studio on the way to Homesh. He said that the justice system has been in trouble since the days of the disengagement.

In an interview with journalist Avishai Grinzaig, Keidar said: "I think that the state's behavior concerning the protests has not changed and even worsened. In withdrawing, a problematic decision was made, according to which prisons and detention facilities are being built for thousands of settlers, and 12-year-old girls are being interrogated. These measures are reminiscent of dark periods in history. There is an imbalance in the situation and it is only getting worse."

He also referred to the campaign for the repeal of the Disengagement Law that prevents civilians from returning legally to the evacuated settlements. "Today, except for Homesh, we hardly ever hear of this law. The state does not know how to relate to Homesh, so they occasionally apply this law. I followed the law in the criminal aspects and I represent generations upon generations of evacuees who were settled and then were evacuated from these other places. There is a lack of symmetry that is growing more intense. I understand why, in the run-up to the elections, ideas for legislation arise that correspond to public demand."

Today, Channel 7 is conducting special broadcasts concerning the issue of the renewal of the settlements in Northern Samaria and Homesh, and regarding the demand to promote the repeal of the Withdrawal Law. As part of the broadcasting day, a special studio was set up on the way to Homesh, and interviews and broadcasts will be held there throughout the day.

The broadcasting day is held in collaboration with Homesh Yeshiva and the Samaria Regional Council