Firebomb (illustrative)
Firebomb (illustrative)iStock

Arab terrorists from the Arab village of Burin at around midnight Tuesday night hurled firebombs at Jewish vehicles traveling on the nearby Gilad Road.

In response, around 20 residents of the town of Yitzhar arrived and began chasing the terrorists, who fled into the nearby village while ensuring that no terrorists remained at the scene.

"We arrived at the scene of the terror attack and we were surprised to see just one IDF jeep," Refael Libor, a resident of Yitzhar, recalled. "Despite the fact that the escape route was known ahead of time and in the nearby cement factory - through which the terrorists escaped - there are security cameras, no one from the defense system even thought to take them."

"The military arrived at the scene but did not even get off the road. Unfortunately the defense system hesitates and is confused, and it needs to wake up and respond harshly to every small event just as it does to big [events]."

Libor concluded, "We do not intend to sit with our hands folded and wait for the next person to be murdered. In every terror attack and attempted murder that occurs, there will be dozens of residents who will rush to the scene and deal determinedly and with strength with the terror which is raising its head."