Shooting (illustrative)
Shooting (illustrative)Flash 90

A 13-year-old Arab boy succumbed to his wounds after being hit several days ago by a stray bullet as he exited a pizzeria in the coastal Arab town of Jisr az-Zarqa, where he lived, Israel Hayom reported.

Walid Shahab, 13, had exited the pizzeria when the bullet hit him. He was hospitalized in the ICU in critical condition and underwent a number of operations as a multidisciplinary team fought for his life. Despite their best efforts, Walid died three days after the shooting.

"Following a valiant and ongoing struggle for his life, the 13-year-old youth who was critically injured in a shooting three days ago has died," a statement from Hillel Yaffe Medical Center said. "The hospital shares the family's sorrow."

It is suspected that unknown assailants opened fire at the pizzeria in revenge for the murder of another youth in the town, Jalal Amash, 17, and that they accidentally hit Walid, who was unconnected to the event.

MK Mossi Raz (Meretz) tweeted, "Walid Shahab from Jisr az-Zarqa, only 13 years old, just wanted to buy pizza. He was shot, critically wounded, and died today of his wounds. Just a week ago, Jalal Amash, 17 years old, was murdered in his village."

"We have an obligation to do everything in order to stop the violence," he concluded.