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The Al Jazeera network claimed Monday, based on unnamed sources, that Mossad agents kidnapped a Palestinian Arab man in Malaysia who was later released by Malaysian authorities.

The alleged incident is reported to have occurred in the capital of Kuala Lumpur at the end of September, when a resident of Gaza was allegedly abducted.

Al Jazeera claimed that "the Mossad was assisted in the kidnapping operation by two Malaysian agents." The same sources stated that the intelligence in Malaysia "managed to get to the place where the two kidnappers were found, arrested them and released the Gazan within 24 hours from the moment he was kidnapped."

The sources also emphasized that "the Mossad interrogated the Gazan in a video call from Tel Aviv since he was suspected of being in contact with the military wing of Hamas." It was also stated that "the Mossad trained the Malaysian agents involved in the kidnapping in European countries."