The President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany issued a stark warning about the rise of the far-right after the electoral success of the AfD party in Lower Saxony state elections, Juedische Allgemeine reported.

“I am very concerned about the renewed upward trend of the AfD, but also of other radical movements that are gaining ground due to the energy crisis,” said Josef Schuster. “The current development is repeated evidence that in uncertain times people take refuge in radical forces and simplistic ideology.”

The AfD nearly doubled their seat total in the Lower Saxony elections, receiving 10.9 percent of the votes versus only 6.2 percent five years ago.

A new poll also found the Brandenburg AfD, considered to be one of the most extreme local party factions, to be gaining in popularity.

Schuster added he was concerned that as in the past Jews would serve as scapegoats and be blamed for societal problems.

In June, Schuster described the German Jewish community as “under massive threat” due to right wing extremism.

His remarks were made after the publication of a report by the Office of the Protection of the Constitution.

“The new report on the protection of the constitution shows that Jewish life in Germany continues to be massively threatened. The greatest danger comes from the right-wing extremist scene,” Schuster said.

He noted: “The number of antisemitic crimes committed by right wing extremists alone has increased by around twelve percent compared to the previous year.”