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Ukraine's ambassador to Israel, Yevgen Korniychuk told Israel Hayom that "Russia's rapprochement with Iran is a very significant factor that will propel Israel to help Ukraine in a more visible and effective way."

Korniychuk added that, "Russia's rapprochement with Iran is a very significant factor that has the capability to [drastically] change the current situation."

"We were warned a long time ago that Iran possesses quality drones, even before the signing of contracts (between Russia and Tehran) and were aware of the dangerous and significant payloads these drones are capable of carrying. This is a threat to Israel, and Israel is very interested in Ukraine's experience fighting the UAVs. Therefore, in my opinion, the situation will change when a new government is formed, either because of the support of the majority of Israeli society in Ukraine, or the strengthening of relations between Russia and Iran, which is a critical concern for Israel."

One person was injured in an attack using Iranian-made drones in the Ukrainian town of Bila Tserkva southwest of Kyiv, the region's governor said Wednesday, according to AFP.

"During the night, the enemy carried out strikes with Shahed-136 type kamikaze drones against Bila Tserkva," governor Oleksiy Kuleba said on social media.

Kuleba said there were "six hits and explosions" in the town 100 kilometers south of Kyiv.

"One person was injured. Several infrastructure facilities were damaged," he said.

The Ukrainian army's Operational Command South said on Telegram that it had shot down six drones of the same type during the night, without specifying their exact location.

In July, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said the US had intelligence indicating that Russia is looking to Iran for UAVs.

He said that the Iranian government is preparing to provide Russia with several UAVs for use in Ukraine, and train Russian forces to use these UAVs.

A month later, it was reported that Iran had begun training Russians to use its drones, though it was also noted that Russia is experiencing “numerous failures” and technical glitches with the drones it purchased from Iran.

Last month, Ukraine reported the first Russian attacks carried out using Iranian-made drones, but these have so far mainly targeted the south of the country, including the strategic city of Odessa on the Black Sea.

Ukraine has downgraded diplomatic ties with Iran and stripped the ambassador of his accreditation over what it called Tehran's "unfriendly" decision to supply Russian forces with drones.

Iran said it regretted Ukraine’s decision, claiming it was driven by baseless information provided by foreign media propaganda" against Tehran.