Mks at the Eastern Wall
Mks at the Eastern Wallspokesperson

The police are considering contacting the attorney general to ask her to open an investigation against MK Simcha Rothman (Religious Zionism party) after he came to blow a shofar at the Golden Gate in Jerusalem Tuesday morning, and helped keep the police from taking the weapon of a Jewish man who was detained on suspicion of blowing the shofar.

According to the police statement, Rothman and MK Michal Waldiger arrived together with other people at the Muslim cemetery near the Golden Gate. Immediately upon their arrival, a police officer explained to them that they must behave in accordance with the decision of the district court, which determined the place where it is permissible to blow the shofar near the cemetery.

The police claimed that "the group that gathered on the spot did not listen to the police officers' instructions and started a deliberate provocation on the spot. When the group was inside the Muslim cemetery, the police officers noticed that they intended to violate the decision regarding the cemetery and blow the shofar, and after disobeying the instructions and warnings of the police officers on the spot, three members of the group who arrived together with the MKs were detained."

One of the detainees, who carried a legal weapon, was asked to hand over his weapon to the police as is customary during an arrest, but he refused to hand it over. According to the police - at one point, MK Simcha Rothman approached the suspect and offered to take his weapon instead of the police.

"Although a policeman made it clear to the two that it was forbidden to hand over the weapon to MK Rothman, MK Rothman took the weapon into his possession and only later did MK Rotman arrive at the police station in the area, where he handed the weapon over to the policemen."

The police emphasized that "following the serious case in which the MK obstructed the police by disobeying their instructions, abused his immunity, and took materials from a person who was illegally withholding his personal weapon - in accordance with the procedures, the materials will be checked and examined, as far as it is deemed appropriate, the police will contact the attorney general with a request to open an investigation against him."

"Unfortunately, while Israel Police officers are deployed throughout the country and in Jerusalem from end to end to maintain security and order during a tense period, during the eve of Yom Kippur, there are those who try to thwart them, create provocation and commit illegal acts that violate public peace and security," the police statement reads.

MK Rothman's office responded: "During an illegal arrest which was contrary to the court's decision while constituting an assault and arbitrary arrest, and in order to prevent the transfer of weapons to unauthorized persons, MK Rothman transferred the weapon of the person who was illegally detained to the police station the police. We are sorry that the Israeli police are engaged in spreading lies and politically persecuting law-abiding citizens on the eve of Yom Kippur instead of protecting and maintaining public peace.''