RiotsGil Eliyahu/Flash90

Border Police officers on Saturday eliminated a 17-year-old terrorist who attempted to hurl a firebomb at security forces during a clash in Al 'Eizariya, east of Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Authority Arab received initial aid at the scene from the fighters, and was later evacuated by the Red Crescent. He was declared dead by the hospital.

"During violent disruptions of order, border guards from Israel Police neutralized a terrorist who had a firebomb in his hand and who was trying to hurl it towards our forces who were operating in Al 'Eizariya," Border Police said.

"The disruption of order included stone-throwing, and hurling explosives and firebombs at our forces, who responded using riot dispersal methods."

"During the operation, [forces] neutralized by shooting a suspect who attempted to hurl a firebomb at our forces. The suspect received initial medical treatment from the forces and was evacuated from the scene by local medical forces."