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Switzerland is launching a commission on art looted by the Nazis along with a database detailing the provenance of works of art dating back to World War II.

The Swiss Federal Council, the governing body of Switzerland, announced that an independent commission will examine works of art stolen from Jews and others during the Holocaust, Tachles reported.

The measure was given support from the Upper House of the Swiss Parliament and was also approved in a vote by National Councillor Jon Pult.

Pult’s motion took place after it was decided that Switzerland’s mechanism for dealing with Nazi-looted art was insufficient.

The proposal was based on the manner in which Germany, Austria and France deal with World War II-era looted art.

The Council of States also announced that it intends to create a national framework for researching the provenance of potentially looted artwork, including an online database to store and look up relevant information on the provenance of art that is owned and exhibited in Switzerland.