Vladimir Putin
Vladimir PutinReuters

Israel's Fooreign Ministry announced Tuesday that Israel would not recognize the results of referendums held in Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine.

“Israel recognizes the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and will not recognizes the results of referendums in the eastern districts of Ukraine,” the Foreign Ministry said.

Kremlin-backed pro-Russian authorities claimed victory in referendums as to whether areas of Ukraine occupied by Russia should be annexed to Russia or returned to Ukraine.

Officials in Moscow said voters overwhelmingly chose to become part of Russia, with 87 percent voting for annexation in Kherson and 92 percent voting for annexation in Zaporizhzhia.

Vladimir Saldo, who was appoited leader of the Kherson region, wrote on social media: “It’s already clear that the vast majority of people supported the issue of secession from Ukraine and joining Russia.”

Western nations havr condemned the move by Russian President Vladimir Putin to hold the referendums and have warned that the votes would likely be rigged to support Putin's preferred outcome.