Jared Kushner and Benjamin Netanyahuh
Jared Kushner and Benjamin NetanyahuhFlash90

A selection from Jared Kushner's new book claims that former Prime Minister Netanyahu had actually supported the idea of a Palestinian state:

"Bibi and I ran through the final version of the peace plan. As we finished, Bibi remarked that he could live with it."

"'You won't live with it. You'll thrive with it,' I shot back with a smile."

Kushner claims that Netanyahu had made a final decision not only to not oppose the plan, but would officially endorse the creation of a Palestinian State:

"This was typical of the veteran prime minister. We had spent two years haggling over every line, and we had created a thoughtful plan that Bibi believed could actually work. In twelve hours, the right wing prime minister, who had cam paigned for decades against giving the Palestinians a state, was going to endorse a plan calling for a two-state solution."

According to Kushner, Netanyahu had decided the proposed plan did not pose a threat to national security:

"Bibi was careful to make sure that not a single word of the plan would put any Israeli at risk and was understandably nervous about how it could affect the upcoming election. To his credit, he recognized that the plan was reasonable, and the best compromise to solve the Israeli Palestinian conflict."

The segment was tweeted by Ynet journalist Attila Somfalvi in wake of controversy following PM Lapid's statements in favor of the two-state solution at the UN General Assembly.