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House Republicans unveiled their “Commitment to America” agenda ahead of November midterm elections on Friday, pledging to bring down inflation, secure the boarder and create a “Select Committee on China.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy described the plan as helping the GOP take back the House and then as a blueprint for their legislative agenda in 2023, FOX News reported.

The plan includes four categories: “An Economy That's Strong;" "A Nation That's Safe;" "A Future That's Built on Freedom;" and "A Government That's Accountable."

The platform is similar to the Republican Party’s 1990s “Contract With America” that propelled the party led by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) to a House majority.

"We wanted to do a plan for a new direction. We want to be upfront with the American public. We want an election to have a contrast. If they put their trust in us, this is exactly what we'll do. Hold our feet to the fire. And on the very first day, we're going to repeal 87,000 IRS agents. So they're not going after you. We work for you. You don't work for us," McCarthy told FOX News.

"Over the over the past two years, Democrats in Washington have led America off-track," the “Commitment to America” begins. “They created crisis after crisis: from crippling inflation and rampant crime, to failing schools, border chaos, and disrespect for our nation across the globe."

"The Commitment to America represents a new direction and better approach that will get our nation back on track.”

To lower inflation, Republicans are promising to “curb wasteful government spending that is raising the price of groceries, gas, cars, and housing, and growing our national debt."

To combat surges of crime across the country, the party pledged to increase money for boarder security, police funding and to "crack down" on progressive district attorneys.

They also promised to create a “Select Committee on China."

House Republicans also pledged to “advance a Parents' Bill of Rights” to make sure that "only women can compete in women's sports.”

On the issue of transparency, they promised to end proxy voting in Congress and to improve government oversight.

The party also said it would increase domestic energy production.

The plan was attacked on Friday by Democrats who accused McCarthy of spreading an “extreme MAGA agenda.”

"House Republicans are doubling down on an extreme MAGA agenda: to criminalize women’s health care, to slash seniors’ Medicare (including with the repeal of the lower drug prices for seniors in the Inflation Reduction Act), and to attack our democracy," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in a statement.