An Italian far-right politician who praised Hitler has been suspended ahead of national elections.

Calogero Pisano, a candidate for the far-right Brothers of Italy (FDI) party, and the leader of FDI in Agrigento, Sicily, was “suspended with immediate effect,” the party said in a statement.

“[He] no longer represents the party at any level and is forbidden from using its logo,” the statement said.

It added that Pisano was ordered to appear before the party leadership.

In 2014, Pisano posted on Facebook a comment that implied Hitler was a “great statesman from 70 years ago” without naming the Nazi leader but referring to him as a “German,” La Repubblica newspaper reported.

He also posted other pro-fascism comments, and in 2016 gave his support to someone who described party leader Giorgia Meloni as a “modern fascist,” adding that Brothers of Italy had “never hidden its true ideals.”

“The idea that those who praise Hitler can sit in the next parliament is unacceptable,” Ruth Dureghello, head of Rome's Jewish community, wrote on Twitter.

The FDI party is expected to win Italy’s national elections on the weekend. The party has roots going back to a neo-fascist organization that began after World War II.

But Meloni, who may become Italy’s prime minister, has worked to distance the party from the far-right and soften its image. She has described it as mainstream conservative.