Funeral services are underway for Queen Elizabeth Il at Westminster Abbey church. The Queen passed away on September 8 at the age of 96.

Following a large reception featuring about 2,000 dignitaries, including heads of state from the US, France, and Canada, a smaller committal service is being conducted by the Dean of Windsor, David Conner.

The Queen will be buried alongside her late husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, at the King George VI Chapel.

Newly-elected British Prime Minister Liz Tuss, as well as former prime ministers Theresa May, Tony Blair, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, John Major and Boris Johnson are also participating in the sombre event.

Millions of spectators worldwide are watching the ceremony live.

The longest-lived and longest reigning monarch in British history, Elizabeth II reigned for 70 years, from February 1952 until her death. Queen Elizabeth is also the second longest reigning sovereign monarch in recorded history, with a reign less than two years shorter than that of France’s King Louis XIV.

At 73, prior to his mother's passing, King Charles was the oldest heir apparent in British history, and was the first in line to the throne since 1958, making him the longest-serving Prince of Wales ever.

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