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Two Jewish secondary schools in northwest London announced they will discontinue kosher meals for students next month due to skyrocketing costs.

The schools informed parents that they will have to send lunches with students instead starting at the end of October, the UK Jewish News reported.

The letter sent by Hasmonean High School for Boys and Hasmonean High School for Girls, both located in the Hendon area of London, blamed soaring prices for having to nix providing students with kosher meals.

“Rising supply costs have meant that it is no longer financially viable for [our catering supplier] to continue supplying our schools,” the letter said, according to the news outlet. “As a result, effective as of 28 October 2022, there will be no food supplied to both schools for either the morning or lunch breaks.”

“Despite our extensive research into locating a replacement caterer, this has been unsuccessful and unfortunately, this will mean that all students will be required to bring in a packed lunch daily going forward, and a snack for break time if they would like to. All food and drink brought into the school must of course be kosher.”

The letter told parents that “we will be sending out information regarding students who receive Free School Meals over the next few weeks so that they continue to receive what they are entitled to… We are sorry that this will cause you inconvenience but unfortunately this is due to circumstances beyond our control.”

Paul Robottom, the director of Signature Dining, which makes kosher meals for 18 primary and secondary schools in Britain, said that rising food costs have led to “everyone being squeezed” and said that the kosher catering industry could face devastation without additional government support.