The Ancient Synagogue of Barcelona was against subjected to vandalism, with graffiti sprayed on its walls and its mezuzah pulled off the door.

Located in the historical district of the city, the synagogue is considered one of the oldest in Europe, with the building’s original dating back to the third or fourth century. After being used for other purposes for centuries, it reopened as a synagogue and museum in 2022.

The “Amics dels Calls de Catalunya” (the “Friends of the Jewish Quarters of Catalunya”) reported in a Twitter post that the synagogue had been vandalized.

The synagogue’s caretakers discovered that the main wall of the building had been covered with graffiti. The historic synagogue's mezuzah was also pulled off the front door, according to Catalan news site Beteve.

The Friends of the Jewish Quarters of Catalunya condemned the decrepit condition of the synagogue property and the overall deteriorating condition of the historic Jewish Quarter in Barcelona.

They described it as “very dirty and abandoned” and urged the area to be restored so that the city’s Jewish history is not irreversibly damaged. The group also called on the city council to enact measures to reverse the deterioration of the area.