Mansour Abbas, head of the Ra'am party
Mansour Abbas, head of the Ra'am partyOlivier Fitoussi/Flash90

The 'Ad Kan' organization, which is leading the disclosure of Ra'am's ties to Hamas, revealed today its request that the 'Arab Union List' party, known as Ra'am, be disqualified from running for the 25th Knesset, which is expected to be submitted by several parties.

"In 1996, the Islamic movement split into two factions - the southern faction and the northern faction due to the decision of the members of the southern faction to form a party and run for the Knesset. The Ra'am statute defines as the political arm of the Islamic Movement. But a few months ago, the State of Israel held its breath when the Shura Council of the Islamic Movement met to decide whether to withdraw from the government," Ad Kan said in a statement

"It is not possible on the one hand for a movement to operate as a party in the Knesset and on the other hand organizations that flow millions to outlawed Hamas organizations, to enemy countries such as Syria and Lebanon and to the Gaza Strip, where Hamas is the one that distributes the equipment and donations that come from the Islamic movement" We will be writing a request for disqualification that will be submitted next week," the organization said,

"The Islamic movement owns a wide variety of non-profit organizations, public benefit, and commercial companies, some of which were established after Ra'am entered the coalition, to receive the budgets promised to the Arab sector in the coalition negotiations. The movement collects charity from its Muslim supporters in Israel amounting to tens of millions of NIS per year and transfers it Its various institutions are prohibited targets. According to the research of 'Ad Kan', the aid 48, which is the flag of the Islamic movement, maintains ties and in recent years transfers funding and equipment to Hamas charities in the Hebron area, even though they have been outlawed in Israel.

"The research department of 'Ad Kan' reveals that two solid organizations supported by the Islamic movement were already declared by the State of Israel in the first decade of the 2000s as impermissible associations, as they "belong to the Hamas organization, supports and strengthens the infrastructure of Hamas."

"As mentioned, the Islamic Movement transfers equipment to the Gaza Strip and it is distributed by the Ministry of Social Development of the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza, at the same time as transferring funds to the residents of Gaza. The Aid 48 of the Islamic Movement has two branches in Gaza, where there are employees who, among other things, coordinate the work with the Hamas authorities.

"In the events held by the organization in its branches in Gaza, the senior Hamas officials took part and thanked for the aid that the Islamic movement provides to the Gaza Strip. There is solid evidence that equipment transferred by the Islamic movement to the Gaza Strip ends up in the possession of the terrorist organization Hamas, which makes use of it, such as distributing it to residents of the Gaza Strip.

"The request for disqualification also states that the Islamic movement transfers funds through the 'Aid 48 which is tens of millions of shekels per year to Syria and Lebanon, which are defined by law as enemy states. From an official answer received yesterday in 'Ad Kan' from the Ministry of Finance, it appears that this was done without permission from Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman, as required by law. Despite this, the movement does not hide this, but on the contrary, is proud of it and publishes it publicly regularly.

"Last January, Sheikh Zafwat Frij was elected chairman of the Islamic Movement. Frij serves as the chairman of the Al-Qatsa Association, which works to strengthen Muslim control of the Temple Mount on behalf of the Islamic Movement, organizes mass transportation from around the country to the Temple Mount, and more. For several years, the organization headed by Farij received funds amounting to millions of shekels from Hamas funding funds that were issued illegally in Israel. In 2015, the Ministry of Defense confiscated equipment and the funds that were in the organization's bank account, because they came from foreign funds to Hamas.

"The former chairman of the Islamic Movement, Sheikh Hamad Abu Deabs, has served as a member of the association's board since 2016, together with a former MK from the Ra'am party and the head of the former southern faction, Ebrahim Zarzour, and a former MK from Ra'am, Masoud Ganaim, also serves on the board of the organization. The organization defines itself as an arm of the Islamic movement, and in many of its publications, it adds the symbol of the Islamic movement.

"Between the years 2007-2019, the organization received donations from foreign Islamic foundations in a total amount of approximately 12,500,000 shekels. These funds are the main sources of funding for the organization's activities.

"Four of the funds donated to the Al Aqsa organization were declared in Israel as an "impermissible association" by order of the Minister of Defense since there are funds raised around the world to finance the Hamas terrorist organization. These organizations are part of a group of funds that raise funds for the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood movement and the Hamas organization known as the charity coalition," Ad Kan's statement concluded,

Gilad Ach, CEO of the 'Ad Kan' organization stated that: "The Ra'am party serves as a political arm of the Islamic movement and is completely controlled by it. The Islamic movement maintains ties with terrorist organizations and transfers huge amounts of financial aid to countries defined by law as enemy countries, and its leaders have even expressed support for terrorists and representatives of the terrorist organization Hamas. There is no place in the Israeli Knesset for representatives of a movement that operates in an institutionalized manner to aid declared terrorist elements and for the benefit of enemy countries in violation of the law. In the question of Israel's security, there is no question of left and right, and the party should be disqualified from running for the 25th Knesset. Despite the beautiful face they are marketing to the Israeli public. We call on the public to join the disqualification request that we will submit in the coming days."