The state rabbi of Potsdam, Germany was attacked in Berlin on Tuesday, during which he was subjected to antisemitic abuse in front of his son, German media outlets reported.

Rabbi Ariel Kirzon, 43, had traveled to the Mariendorf district of Berlin with his 13-year old son for a doctor’s appointment. They were waiting on the sidewalk in front of a train station when the incident occurred. Rabbi Kirzon was speaking in Hebrew on the phone when the assailant approached him, bumped into his shoulder and then subjected him to antisemitic abuse, according to Berlin police.

In an interview with Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB), the rabbi said that he was called a “terrible f***ing Jew” and physically assaulted.

After he was attacked, Rabbi Kirzon filed a report with the Berlin police for assault and antisemitic harassment, according to media reports. The attack is being investigated by the State Criminal Police Office.

Police are looking through security footage from the train station to see if the suspect entered the station in order to identify him.

Rabbi Kirzon told RBB in the interview that his son was traumatized by the attack and remained afraid.

The incident was described as “unacceptable” by Brandenburg’s Minister of Culture Manja Schüle.