Iran spreading war machine in Syria
Iran spreading war machine in SyriaDefense Ministry

Defense Benny Gantz on Monday delivered remarks at the Jerusalem Post Annual Conference in New York City. His speech presented a critical crossroads for the international community, which may lead to two distinct futures for the Middle East region by 2032. The first, a scenario in which Iran achieves its hegemonic ambitions and spreads terror and radicalism, which is only further strengthened should Iran attain a nuclear umbrella. The alternative, should the international community take significant action – is a Middle East that builds on the achievements of the Abraham Accords.

Gantz stated in his remarks: “Under the vision of Qassem Soleimani, Iran transformed CERS into production facilities for mid and long-range, precise missiles and weapons, provided to Hezbollah and Iranian proxies. In other words, it became yet another Iranian front – a factory for advanced, strategic weapons. These sites, particularly the underground facility at Masyaf, host significant threats to the region and to the State of Israel. Masyaf specifically, is used to produce advanced missiles.”

“In addition to CERS, the Iranians are currently working to build missile and weapon industries in Lebanon and Yemen. If this trend will not be stopped, within a decade, there will be advanced Iranian industries across the region, producing weapons and spreading terror,” he said.

Minister Gantz also commented on Iran’s nuclear program: “Our intelligence confirms international reports about Iran’s steady progress – including both its production capabilities and rate of enrichment. Iran is producing more and more advanced centrifuges – including at underground facilities where activities are prohibited. According to our assessments, should Iran decide to do so, it can reach 3SQ (or enough fissile material for a nuclear weapon) at 90% within a matter of weeks.”