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Democrats, RepublicansiStock

US President Joe Biden’s approval numbers continue to falter as the November midterm elections approach, a new poll found.

The Monday Civiqs survey revealed that only 39 percent of registered voters in the United States approve of Biden’s performance with less than three months to go before the November midterm elections.

The poll examined 245,801 responses between January 20, 2021 and September 4, 2022, looking at the shifts in answers of various groups across all 50 states and Washington DC, according to Breitbart.

With only 39 percent approving of the job the president has been doing, 53 percent disapproved, and eight percent had no opinion.

Biden’s approval rating has been stuck below 40 percent since last September in the aftermath of his disastrous Afghanistan pullout. In July, it reached a low of 29 percent as historic inflation and record gas prices devastated the American economy.

With Biden’s approval numbers slowly climbing back up, recent polls still show that the ailing economy is a big problem for the White House.

The Civiqs poll found that Biden’s support is below 50 percent in every swing state, including only 36 percent in Arizona, 35 percent in Georgia and 33 percent in Ohio.

Democrats need to hold on to Senate seats in key swing states where Biden is not popular in order to retain control of the Senate.

In the past, a president’s approval rating has been a key indicator of his party’s performance in the midterms.

But Republicans must also hold on to several key Senate seats in potential swing states, including Wisconsin, Ohio, Nevada and Pennsylvania, in order to take back the Senate.