The city of Lodz, Poland
The city of Lodz, PolandiStock

The head of the neo-Nazi Goyim Defense League was arrested in Poland for wearing a swastika necklace and holding antisemitic banners outside the front gate of Auschwitz.

Jon Minadeo Jr., 39, of California, known for several neo-Nazi websites and the Goyim Defense League, which has been responsible for multiple incidents of antisemitic harassment in the United States, said in a Gab post that he was arrested in Poland, according to the Jewish News of Northern California.

“Got handcuffed & arrested in Poland today for (((Hate Speech))) regarding Aushwitz [sic],' Minadeo wrote. “Just got released tonight with a fine and my chains and computer temporarily confiscated. Life's good! You can't keep me down Jews! #HandsomeTruth.”

Minadeo posted a photo of himself outside of Auschwitz in a T-shirt, shorts and sunglasses holding up a sign that made a vulgar reference to ADL head Jonathan Greenblatt and the Holocaust.

Standing next to Minadeo was a man that the report said was Robert Wilson. He also was wearing a T-shirt, shorts and sunglasses and held a banner that said “Shoah ADL.”

The post also claimed that “we must continue exposing the Jewish anti-white propaganda! That for decades has conditioned our people to be slaves for the Jews,” and described the ADL as an “anti-white terrorist organization” while denying the Holocaust.

Minadeo was also seen in another video wearing a “white pride” T-shirt and a gold swastika necklace while sitting at an outdoor cafe. He proceeds to harass a Polish man who tells him that the swastika is illegal in Poland, according to the Daily Mail.

Under Polish law, it is illegal to promote “fascist or another totalitarian state or calls for hatred against national, ethnic, racial or religious differences or for non-denominational status” and doing so could result in a fine or a prison term of up to two years.

According to the ADL, the Goyim Defense League was behind 74 antisemitic incidents in 2021.

The group is also thought to be responsible for multiple antisemitic flyer campaigns across the US in the last few years.