Shalom Pollack
Shalom PollackUri Yehezkel

Amiram Ben Uliel was returned to the tiny, dark solitary cell that was home for the last two years. He is serving three life sentences.

Labeled a terrorist by the mainstream media and the other elites that run the country, there was a quiet sigh of relief - by them.

The Supreme Court rejected Amiram's lawyer's appeal six months ago. After half a year of "deliberation," the three judges declared that Amiram did in fact carry out the arson/murder of three Arabs in Duma village in Samaria three years ago.

In short, the police and prosecution brought zero evidence against Amiram.

Amiram, wife, and baby daughter lived on a hilltop near Duma; they were "hilltop youth."

With his flowing sidelocks and large knitted skull cap, living in a tiny shack on a barren hill, his was the perfect profile for the round-up of usual suspects, including minors.

The police and Shabak (the "Jewish" section) got their green light from the state attorney and the court to torture the hilltop youth to get their confession.

Torture is illegal in Israel except in instances of a "ticking bomb" - that is, where there is a concern regarding an imminent attack that could cost innocent lives.

This clause was employed to torture the hated strange-looking men with the flowing sidelocks and large kippot.

With no evidence produced against them one of the minors was tortured for days and nights. The savage attacks on his body and soul only ceased when he agreed to say what they wanted to hear.

He pointed a finger at Amiram.

Again, with no hard evidence, they threw him in a maximum security jail and the courts sentenced him to three life terms.

Amiram is locked in for 23 hours a day of isolation. He may not even embrace his little daughter on the infrequent visiting day. Compare that with the laughable conditions of Arab mass murderers of Jews.

It is interesting to note that houses in Duma have been torched before and since Amiram was arrested.

One of my teachers, Moshe Feiglin, commented:

The elites of Israel insist that this country is "one of all its citizens" and not firstly a Jewish one.

If all the terrorists were Arab then it would shine an unwelcome light on the fact that there is indeed a National/Religious conflict where Arabs are on one side and Jews on the other. For the "elites" and advocates of a secular non-national state, there is no place for Jew - Arab identities and national struggles or religious allegiances. That would totally spoil their post-Zionist, post-modern vision.

If all the terrorists were Arab that would be an uncomfortable reminder of our own identity as Jews. We don't want that!

What is the solution?

Define terror as not an Arab versus Jew phenomenon but an "equal opportunity" form of violence that runs through all of society - the society of all its citizens It is just another social problem, not a national one because there is no nation.

If all the terrorists were Arabs killing Jews that would stress the Jewish nature of the state and the Arab identity of those who oppose a Jewish state. A Jewish state - such an unpleasant sound..! We are beyond that, say the elites.

Amiram is the perfect person to be used to prove that terror is not a "sectoral problem"

He looks different, lives in an isolated location which is not well known, and is not in the field of vision or "consensus" of Israel society

He has no powerful friends and with his unashamed Jewish look is the perfect poster boy for the Jewish terrorist they need.

The elites would like to describe terror as a social malaise and not a national threat.

Anyone can be a terrorist. Nothing Arab or Jewish about iit.

May Hashem save Amiram and his poor family from the clutches of evil.

Shalom Pollack is a veteran tour guide and author of the book "Jews, Israelis,, and Arabs: who can be reached at [email protected]