Bnei Akiva Secretary General Yigal Klein
Bnei Akiva Secretary General Yigal KleinPhoto: Matania Ofir

Today (Wednesday), Secretary General of the Bnei Akiva Youth Movement Yigal Klein told Israel National News – Arutz Sheva that the attack yesterday at the Bnei Akiva Lod Center branch is serious and he will not let it pass in silence.

Arab and Jewish rioters broke into the Bnei Akiva branch in Lod and attacked the trainee group leaders with stones. Two of them were injured - one of them slightly in the head. He was taken to hospital. Another was slightly injured and was treated on the spot. The two filed a police complaint for assault.

"This is a serious incident," Klein said. "An attack inside a branch at a time when a group coordinator wants to do educational work with the staff who came to promote the branch. Violence from the outside is an event we do not pass over in silence. We will also follow the investigation, so that whoever did it will not do it again, and they have to face justice."

Klein described the sequence of events. "During the opening meeting run by the new coordinator who came to start off the year with the staff, a gang of boys entered the building and started taunting and attacking, trying to stop the meeting and create a mess," he said. "At some point, when a few of the staff got up to check what exactly the gang wanted and what they were doing there, one of the boys who had entered threw a rock that hit one of the staff members in the head. He needed medical attention and was released from the hospital that night."

"We came there," he added. "District Bnei Akiva leaders arrived to take care of the youths who were there, to accompany the coordinator, and also to the hospital to see how the injured youth was. I also came to the area. I met the coordinator and her mother. The social worker was also brought into the picture to see who needs help."

The Bnei Akiva Movement is functioning in two spheres now. "Over the first semester, we will be in contact with the municipality and welfare officials to see that, despite the incident, everyone is fine and moving forward and the youth education does not stop," Klein noted. "And the second sphere is to take care of safety and security, including some thoughts regarding the upcoming Shabbat, which is the first Shabbat the coordinator will be working, as is true for hundreds of her peers all across the country."