Afghanistan’s Taliban administration is close to signing a deal with Russia on a contract for gasoline, oil and wheat.

Habiburahman Habib, the spokesperson for Afghanistan's Ministry of Commerce and Industry, told Reuters that an Afghani delegation was in Moscow to finalize the contract for oil, gas and wheat supplies.

"They are in negotiation with the Russian side," he said.

According to the report, ministry officials were in Moscow finalizing contracts.

"We are working on text of contract, [we have] almost agreed on gasoline and benzene," said an official with the ministry who predicted the talks would be finished shortly.

The talks came at a time when the US has been trying to convince other countries to boycott Russian energy in an attempt to hit back at revenue from oil and gas that Moscow has used to fund its invasion of Ukraine.

The Taliban are not recognized by any nations as the legitimate government of Afghanistan, and sanctions have made it difficult for the country’s banks to deal with international banks.

But the official said that the two countries have figures out a way Afghanistan can send payments to Russia.