Dr. Aryeh Avni
Dr. Aryeh AvniIsrael National News

Dr. Aryeh Avni, a prominent figure in what is commonly known as the "anti-vax" movement, has had his license to practice medicine permanently revoked, after the Jerusalem District Court rejected his appeal filed after the Health Ministry stripped him of his license a year ago.

"We must distinguish between having an opinion and incitement," stated Judge Nimrod Flax in his ruling, adding that Avni had "conducted a smear campaign against health authorities in an effort to persuade people not to abide by their directives. A doctor who decides to act in such a way, delegitimizing the medical authorities, places himself outside the health system."

Dr. Avni had argued that his aim was solely to benefit the general public and protect them from dangerous medications and vaccines. He has also made inflammatory comments in the past such as, "Anyone who administers a vaccine is like Mengele in my eyes." He remains a prominent figure in various circles, and disseminates his views via his website, "Harefuah Henechonah" (The Right Form of Healing).

One of the main criticisms of him centers around allegations that he offered people forged COVID vaccine certificates and also provided peole with exemptions from wearing masks. The sentiments he expresses led to the original ruling of 2021, in which Judge Amnon Strashnov stated that he Avni "poses a real danger to public safety and health," and that statements he has made constitute "a prescription for anarchy," due to his exhortations to disregard the directives of the Health Ministry.