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A Las Vegas man has been placed in custody by police after allegedly making death threats against Jews.

According to KSNV, Andrew Gorrelick’s tweets were described as “terroristic threats” against the Jewish community.

Police said that the suspect tweeted that he was going to kill Jewish people. He also is accused of threatening the assassination of government officials, including Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

Gorrelick allegedly texted, “I’m hunting you. I”m thirsty for Jew blood.”

Police said he posted dozens of tweets about killing Jews, KLAS reported. Law enforcement initially contacted Twitter about the tweets but the platform refused to remove them.

Gorrelick’s account was suspended after media reports of the arrest surfaced.

He was arrested at his home and faces charges for making false terroristic threats.

A regional security advisor for The Secure Community Network contacted local and federal police agencies on August 17 about threatening tweets emanating from an account based in Las Vegas.

Police investigated and arrested the account’s owner Gorrelick, 48. The 44 tweets “displayed a direct threat to kill Jews or [advocated] to kill Jews” along with government officials, said a police report.

According to police, the tweets said, “Rounding them up and killing them all now I will never rest until they are all dead” and “Kill all Jews now.”

Gorrelick had a previous 2018 arrest on stalking charges for sending hundreds of threatening texts to the victim, for which he was out on parole.