Dr. Avi Perry
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The Biden Administration has been considering full forgiveness for paying back student loans. This is a great benefit for those who took student loans to finance their college life, including tuition, room and board, parties, Florida vacations, beer, etc.

Debt forgiveness of this kind may even earn the Biden Administration and the Democrats some votes in the next elections. Who would not want to cash in on the opportunity to revel in winning the lottery as long as the Democrats are still calling the shots? The answer is clear. It’s the rest of us; it’s the ones who have never taken student loans; or it’s the ones who have already paid off their own loans; and it’s the ones who have to pay for someone else’s loans - it’s all those who pay taxes.

So, Joe, I have a great idea you may want to consider, if you don’t want to upset the rest of us and lose our vote.

Why limit it to student loans? How about mortgage loan forgiveness, car loan forgiveness, business loans forgiveness, credit card loan or any other loan forgiveness. (Judaism btw, has a well planned mechanism for limited loan cancelling every seven years), Can you imagine the celebration erupting in response to a massive absolution of this kind?

And by the way, student loan forgiveness, as compared to all other loan forgiveness, is an anti-Woke policy. The whole idea has been overlooked by the AOC gang who engender significant noise supporting the deal. Did they realize that most beneficiaries of student loan forgiveness are White folks? Did they realize that many of the beneficiaries are college graduates whose monthly take-home income is well above the average?

I assume they did. But this fact has been overshadowed by the other fact. AOC herself is a direct beneficiary of student loan forgiveness. This is more important than her ideology. And the media has been covering it up. It has not been an issue.

Obviously, the carnival celebrating all-loan forgiveness will be short-lived, as the tax burden required to pay for these great gifts will have to rocket to the clouds, inflation will surge from the added fuel, and the current rise in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) will look like the "good old days" of the past.

So, you may think a massive reprieve is a bad idea, but wait. Do not rush to conclusions yet. What if you employ it as bait? What if you promise to do it only if Congress approves it following the November elections, and then, once you win the elections, you forget your promises because your memory fails you, just like it did when you promised to shut down the virus, to control inflation, to not leave any American behind in Afghanistan.

After all, forgetfulness is an expected trait of dementia. It’s a pattern, it’s not unexpected. It’s the normal daily routine following the afternoon nap, while making sure that the media has no desire or ability to ask questions or explain the consequences. Good idea, Eh?

Go get 'em , Joe.