Israel Ganz at recent protest against dangerous driving
Israel Ganz at recent protest against dangerous drivingBinyamin Spokesperson

After a recent rise in accidents on roads in the Judea, Samaria and Binyamin regions, the Binyamin Regional Council is fighting for the tightening of enforcement. As a result of the deliberations in the Knesset that were initiated by MK Orit Strook, council head Israel Gantz and the general of the IDF Central Command have been discussing the challenges of enforcement.

As part of the their cooperation, General Yehuda Fuchs signed orders that tighten enforcement and allow the police to immediately arrest serial offenders and even confiscate vehicles. These steps will be taken against both the offender and the vehicle's owner.

The new amendment allows the police to confiscate a vehicle if its owner or their spouse have outstanding unpaid fines. The police can also confiscate a driver's vehicle if them or their spouse have outstanding unpaid fines, even if they do not own the vehicle.

In addition, running a red light and other offences such as making a dangerous U-turn, which were up until now not considered serious offences in Judea and Samaria, will be added to the list of serious offences for which a vehicle can be confiscated.

The new amendments are the product of cooperation between MK Orit Strook, Binyamin Regional Council head Israel Gantz, the IDF Central Command, the Israel Police Force, and the attorney general.

Binyamin Regional Council head Israel Gantz celebrated the general's order saying "Thank you to the Central Command General and the police district commander, who are helping tighten the enforcement against the criminals on the our roads, and are bent on improving the ability to enforce. A big thanks also goes to MK Strook who worked for this in the Knesset. These orders will save lives. We have to work so this will be just the beginning of our answer to the traffic violators, especially the Arab drivers from the Palestinian Authority."

Gantz also praised the work of the traffic enforcement: "The dedicated officers can now do their important job of saving the lives of the residents and travelers. We all thank them."