The confiscated items
The confiscated itemsIsrael Police spokesperson

Border Police undercover officers and IDF forces on Monday night arrested three Bedouin Arabs on their way to the Tze'elim military camp with tools to break in.

During an operation by the Border Police officers in southern Israel, near the Tze'elim firing zone, a report was received from the IDF regarding suspects making their way towards the base.

Undercover Border Police officers were directed towards the location by means of a drone, identified three suspects and a vehicle, and carried out an arrest. A search of the vehicle revealed various tools for breaking and entering, as well as gloves and face coverings.

The three suspects, residents of Bedouin settlements in southern Israel, were taken for questioning by Israel Police, and the findings were confiscated.

"Border Police, IDF, and Israel Police forces will continue to act with determination, while using every means in order to lay hands on the plundering lawbreakers in the south," a police statement said.