Netanyahu's new book
Netanyahu's new bookShibolet

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new book, "Bibi - My Story", is due to be published on November 22 in both Hebrew and English.

Rotem Sella, founder of Sella Meir Publishing, spoke to Radio 103FM on Sunday and provided more details about the book that will deal with the life of the man who served as Israel’s Prime Minister for over a decade.

"The schedule according to which this book was created, edited and distributed began when Netanyahu became the chairman of the opposition," said Sella. "It started being written nine months ago, it's an unprecedented pace. When it was decided that the book would come out, no one knew there would be an election."

"Netanyahu wrote the book in both languages, there are different things he emphasizes in each of them. He wrote it by hand, and he is the one editing it. We are working on a copy in Hebrew with Netanyahu. The book is 180,000 words, something like 600 pages. It’s long, but a lot of things happened to Netanyahu in his life. This is a book that follows his life story, through his childhood, which is a very exciting part of the book because of the angle he takes. Most of the book is about a person who holds the executive position of the Prime Minister."

Sella also stressed that during the professional meetings prior to the start of the joint work with Netanyahu, the ideological line of the publisher did not come up. Sella Meir specializes in publishing non-fiction books with a conservative point of view.

"What came up were professional parameters of how much, when, how the manuscript would be processed. There is no publishing house in Israel, a serious publishing house, that would not want to publish the book. This is the most significant book that has been published here since Ben-Gurion," he said.

"This is about a man who told his life story, we think there will be interest because it is about a man who is probably the person may have influenced our lives the most in the 21st century, and the most significant Jew working in the world today," he concluded.