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Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) National President Morton A. Klein and ZOA Director of Government Relations Dan Pollak on Friday urged the State Department to support Israel in its fight against terror-supporting NGOs.

The call comes a day after State Department spokesperson Ned Price said the US asked Israel for clarifications about the raids the IDF conducted at the offices of several Palestinian civil society organizations in Judea and Samaria who were blacklisted by Israel due to their support for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist organization.

“ZOA condemns the lukewarm support of Israel offered by State Dept. spokesman Ned Price following the justified closure by Israeli security forces of the offices of six Palestinian NGOs that have ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), an indisputable terrorist group,” said Klein and Pollak in their statement on Friday.

“The US State Department has properly designated the PFLP as a foreign terrorist organization since 1997. It is unclear why Price spoke of ‘concerns’ and stated, ‘we form our own judgment regarding these organizations and recent actions.’ Price claimed that they will look at any new evidence Israel presents and claims that the administration believes a ‘high bar’ is needed to take action against NGOs,” they added.

“To his credit,” continued Klein and Pollak, “Price did state that Israel has valid security concerns. He said, ‘There is no question regarding the terrorist threat that Israel faces. We’ve all been reminded of that tragically and vividly, to include in recent days.’”

The statement noted that, in October of last year, ZOA wrote extensively about the details of the six NGOs and their connections to the PFLP.

“In summary, each group is headed by PFLP senior leaders, employ many PFLP activists including those who participated in terror activities and have extensive, overt financial ties to the PFLP. In addition, the PFLP itself has boasted that its NGO links are ‘a source of great pride and honor.’ The Shin Bet travelled to Washington last fall and presented extensive classified evidence to the Biden administration that proved these links to terrorism beyond any doubt,” the statement said.

“ZOA is distressed and frustrated that our State Department is withholding full support for these completely justified steps against terrorist-affiliated groups. Unfortunately, this is part of a pattern by the administration that seems to be trying to stay neutral in fights where America has a vital interest. Terrorist activity by Palestinian Arabs and the endorsement of extremism by the leadership of the PLO is ignored. The Administration has refused to designate the Houthis in Yemen and has even whitewashed Iranian terrorist activity to allow negotiations to proceed on the notorious Iran Deal. There is no excuse for not acknowledging that the PFLP is working through these NGOs, and the State Department should immediately endorse their suppression,” said Klein.

“The fight against terrorism must be consistent, and every time the United States seems to be pulling its punches against a terrorist entity, the entire effort is weakened. ZOA thanks the State Dept. for acknowledging Israel’s legitimate security needs in this matter, but the straddle attempt by the administration spokesman is disconcerting. We call on the State Department to fully support Israel in these actions against the PFLP and every other terrorist group,” added Pollak.

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