Rabbi Ami Hersh, Director of the Ramah Day Camp in Nyack, NY, tells Israel National News about the experiences his camp provides. "Americans and Israelis spend their summers here - every night, and for weekends - learning about one another, developing friendships that an last for the rest of their lives, both in Israel and North America."

Rabbi Hersh explains how his camp is preparing campers for the future: "We teach that love of Israel is from deep in your soul. In our world, too many people speak out with hate or antisemitism. Our job is to teach something called 'joyful Judaism' where people can say 'I am a Jew, I can support and love Israel, I know people from Israel' and to make personal connections that can be deepened throughout their lives."

The COVID-19 pandemic, Rabbi Hersh says, has made the camp's role even more important than it was before the outbreak: "After Corona, people need camp more than ever before. Our campers, our staff, even the parents of our campers need camp to happen, and we are very proud of what happens here each day."

Although he is currently the Camp Director, Rabbi Hersh has been devoted to Camp Rama since well before he began running the camp. "This is my twenty-third summer working here. I started working here right after high school, and this has been my career. I often tell people I have the best job in the world. We are a community here, and getting to live under the sun, knowing that we get to instill fun and confidence in people and a love for Judaism and Israel, it's the best place to be and the best job in the world."