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Russia announced this week that it will be bestowing honorary titles and one million rubbles to women who have at least 10 children.

The measure is a return to a Soviet-era title and reward given to women with big families.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree that said the title of “Mother Heroine” and a stipend of one million rubbles (approximately $16,600 USD) will be awarded to a mother of 10 children once the tenth child turns one-year-old.

The women will also receive a five-pointed golden star medal, according to Fox News.

To receive the honor, all 10 of the children must be alive on the tenth child’s first birthday, with exceptions made for children killed in the military, the civic service or in a terrorist attack.

The children must also be properly taken care of and have the "appropriate level of care for health, education, physical, spiritual and moral development."

The measure appears to be an attempt to combat Russia’s low birth rate and extreme population decline in recent decades. The death toll from the fighting in Ukraine and emigration has exacerbated the problem.

As a result of a low birthrate and Russia's immigrating to other countries, the working population has vastly decreased as a percentage of the overall population, straining the economy, according to UN figures.

The “Mother Heroine” title in the Soviet Union was put in place to encourage a higher birth rate after millions were killed during World War II.