Scene of the accident in Jerusalem
Scene of the accident in JerusalemYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Five days have passed since a bus barreled into a group of pedestrians in Jerusalem, killing Shoshana Glustein and her two young children. Up to this point, Egged, the bus's operator, has yet to contact the victims' families.

The journalist Aryeh Erlich shared the family's pain: "Five days since an Egged bus ran over Shoshana Glustein and her two daughters, Chaya-Sarah and Chana, and cut off a 22 year old woman's legs, the families say that Egged hasn't contacted them. The company has not reached out, not to express remorse, nor to offer assistance. Lives were taken, and the apathy the company responsible for this tragedy is demonstrating is horrendous. Egged' you're a disgrace."

The bus operator responded to Erlich's report stating: "Egged is aware of the hardships, pain, and suffering of the families that lost their loved ones in the accident. Out of consideration for their mourning, pain, and sensitivity, and from our accumulated experience, Egged avoids contacting grieving families during their initial mourning. Egged's insurance company cares for accident victims' families."

As reported Shoshana Glustein, 40, from Ofakim, and her two daughters - seven-year-old Chaya Sara and two-year-old Chana were killed on Thursday evening in the fatal accident. The accident occurred when a driver lost control of his bus on Shamgar Street in Jerusalem near the Rav Shefa Mall and ran over people standing near a store.

Magen David Adom and United Hatzalah paramedics provided first aid to the injured on the scene and evacuated them to the hospital.

Six people were injured, including one in serious condition (a young woman about 22 years old), two who were moderately injured, including a boy about six years old, and three lightly injured, including a boy about four years of age and a baby about a year old.