Barukh Yona
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The funeral for Barukh Yona, the 57 year old Israeli man who drowned on Monday while on a family vacation in the Sinai Peninsula, took place today (Tuesday) in Jerusalem.

Yona's wife, Shlomit, eulogized her late husband: "everyone that spoke about you would say what a good person you were. I also know about the acts of kindness that you would secretly do. So much kindness. I don't know why G-d did this so cruelly, but I believe that your time came. Barukh, I promise you that I will raise our children with a lot of love."

"Like every year, we went on vacation," Shlomit recounted. "We ate breakfast and the kids wanted to go in the water. They were very close to the shore and at some point, it was hot so I told them that I'm going to change clothes." At this point, Shlomit heard a ruckus coming from the beach. "I understand something bad is happening at the beach. I saw people running and looking, and I didn't see Alma, Itamar (the two children), or Barukh. I understand that it has something to do with them, I see my two kids, and my son tells me 'dad's in the water.'"

Barukh's sister, Ester, eulogized him saying: "he was an extraordinary man, and he was surrounded by extraordinary and good people. Quietly and modestly, he taught his children about values and human dignity. Baseless love was his way. How can I leave a brother like him? We will watch over the kids, you gave your life for them.