Dr. Avi Perry
Dr. Avi PerryINN:AP
There is a good chance that the US elections this coming November, will yield a significant change in the
American political landscape, where Republicans could take control of both houses of Congress. It may be a leading indicator for what could follow in 2024 when it comes to the next occupier of the White House.

If Trump runs and wins the presidential race he may begin focusing on revenge. It may not be good for the country, but it would be a direct consequence of what the Democrats have been cooking for some time.

In a democracy, where the ruling party can be replaced by the opposition in the next elections, precedents brought into being by the provisional leaders may come to bite them when they are sidelined by the voters later on.

If Democrats in control of the Senate eliminate the filibuster rule requiring 60 votes rather than a simple majority of 51 to pass particular legislation, it will reduce their own power when they become the minority.

If the current administration tries to intimidate and harass the former administration and jail or penalize Trump’s loyalists, wait until these abusers become prey under a renewed GOP control of Congress and the White House. It could remind us of an old biblical term - an “eye for an eye”, or even two eyes for an eye.

There is plenty of vulnerability within the current Biden’s administration, as there is abundance of smoke leaking out of the Biden’s family past, from the time Joe was VP, that has been covered up.

There is plenty of evidence, over and above the clear evidence brought to light by Hunter Biden’s laptop, for politicization of the Justice Department and the FBI, as they are being egged on by the current administration and employed as means for going after Trump and his orbit of supporters.

There is plenty of evidence of FBI corruption and double standards at the top. It is well-known that Hillary Clinton failed to handle top secret, classified documents properly, something that triggered the raid on Trump’s residence at Mar A Lago but was dismissed as carelessness when the same was perpetrated by Clinton.

All in all, the Democrats' handling of their fanatical partisanship is going to bite them when the balance of power is reversed. They have been committing bad precedents all over the map as if their political supremacy were going to stretch out forever, so that no consequences could ever affect them. Don’t they realize that their behavior could be duplicated by their adversaries? And with some added topping of hot pepper, driven by a touch of revenge?

What these idiots are doing is initiating the start of an endless blood feud that will steer America to the brink of an all-embracing lawlessness. Whoever is in power will strive to crush those who preceded them; whoever is in power will try to wipe clean and reverse all policies and directions instated by their predecessors; whoever is in power now will become prey when they lose power to their adversaries.

It’s already happening before our eyes. It’s the beginning of the end of America as we knew it. And it’s all done by those in power today, who possess an utter disregard for the consequences and precedents they originate, while effecting the decline in values and morals that brought about the fall of the Roman Empire.

Dr. Avi Perry, talk show host at Paltalk News Network (PNN), is the author of "Fundamentals of Voice Quality Engineering in Wireless Networks,"and "72 Virgins," a thriller about the covert war on Islamic terror. He was a VP at NMS Communications, a Bell Laboratories - distinguished staff member and manager, as well as a delegate of the US and Lucent Technologies to the ITU—the UN International Standards body in Geneva, a professor at Northwestern University and Intelligence expert for the Israeli Government. He may be reached through his web site www.aviperry.org