Baby in daycare
Baby in daycareiStock

Three daycare assistants from the Haifa district in northern Israel have been accused of attacking children in their care.

The Haifa District Prosecutor's Office has submitted to the city's Magistrates Court an indictment against Shikha Su'ad (41), Eden Su'ad (22), and Subakhiya Su'ad (22), for attacking the infants and toddlers in their care.

The three are residents of Salama, and worked in a childcare center in Tzurit, near Carmiel.

While working in the childcare center, the accused allegedly attacked the children on many occasions, holding them forcefully, pulling their arms and legs while waving them in the air, dragging them, pulling them by their ears, and throwing them forcefully onto mattresses.

In July, Israel's Labor and Welfare Ministry closed a daycare on suspicion that the staff abused the children. In that case, devices recorded the staff screaming at and cursing the children as they cried. Security footage also showed the staff using inappropriate force against the children.